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The great outdoors

12 x 9

mixed media on panel mounted to gallery wrapped canvas

Katherine McClure

Katherine McClure has been an artist since a very young age. Even before graduating from high school in Atlanta, she started submitting works to juried exhibitions, where she was chosen to participate and won awards for her art. She graduated from Hollins University with Honors as a Studio Art Major. After college and a brief move to New York City she returned to Atlanta in 1993. She lives in Buckhead with her husband and two children and paints in her studio behind her house. åÊ

Katherine finds her inspiration from the natural surroundings near her Atlanta home. With chickens, ducks, rabbits, a dog and cat in the backyard and a creek in the park out front with visiting geese, ducks, herons, owls, and hawks, animals are an ever-present part of her life.

Her work incorporates a degree of mixed media, with some pieces being as much about the process as the subject matter.åÊ She explains, ‰ÛÏThe medium is a part of the story, as it all relates to the subject- and the subject most often revolves around home, the place I love most.åÊ Materials include layers of paint, gloss, spray paint, pencils, paint sticks, vintage paper, old wood, clay and more.‰۝

‰ÛÏIn all of my work, you will continue to be surprised by details, easy to miss initially, the layer upon layer of drawing, mixed with painting.‰۝

$ 285


Katherine McClure

A lifelong artist, I make art because coming up with an idea is what gets me out of bed in the morning and into my studio, mercifully located in my home. So much of what I love in life is at home- my pets inside and wildlife out, nature pouring through the windows, comfortably cluttered rooms full of books and art, the forest surrounding me. My art originates with that early morning idea, a daily walk in the woods, the imagery around me. The deep connection to my surroundings is reflected in the art I make, even using pages of books in my art and the book itself as the canvas with the animals love as the subject. Animal and landscape renderings in mixed media, storytelling dioramas and large works on canvas all have a similar feel of natural wonder.

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